We have designed these cases for use by teachers and advanced undergraduate and graduate level students worldwide. We hope you find them useful.

The cases vary along two dimensions:

  1. A wide range of leadership issues including power and influence, politics, financial management, ethics, strategic leadership, and leading teams, among others; and,
  2. A variety of settings from a struggling NGO in a developing country to a tertiary care hospital in a major American city to a rural public health department in a western state.
DrPH Cohort

A cohort of DrPH students during a visit to Chapel Hill. The student pictured on the laptop could not make the trip because civil strife had caused the Beirut airport to close

The cases are fiction. In some, every person, organization, and place are invented. In others, the central organization and the individuals are fiction, but locations and other organizations are real although the specific roles of these organizations in these cases are fabricated.

If you don't find a case that meets your needs, please be patient. We will be adding up to ten new cases every year. Please click on "Contact Us" on this page to tell us what you'd like to see in new cases and to share any suggestions or comments you might have.

The cases are written by students in the Department of Health Policy and Management's DrPH in Health Leadership program. Every student in the program is an experienced health care leader. They come from and are based all over the world from Hawaii to Uganda to Indonesia and numerous other countries on five continents.

These cases may be reproduced and used by teachers and students for non-commercial, educational purposes. Any reproduction of these cases for such use must include this notice. Each author owns the copyright to his or her case study. Use of a case for commercial purposes or for any reason other than education is strictly prohibited without the permission of the author of such case.

The UNC DrPH in Health Leadership program is a founding member of The International Network for Doctoral training in Health Leadership.